General Terms and Conditions

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE PROVISION OF SERVICES held by Absolute Media Group S.A. de C.V. Controller of the brand: Human 2 Human Marketing Digital, hereinafter: "THE AGENCY". Accredited in the notarial deed number 26516 dated 03/14/06 granted before notary 226 in CDMX, with federal taxpayer registration AMG060315QJ8 that declares as business address: Montecito 38, Piso 28, Suite 12, Nápoles, 03810, CDMX. E-mail: Tel: 55 11070790. That he is free and able to enter into the contract with "THE CLIENT" whose contact details and representative with sufficient legal capacity to contract the services described, are established and accepted by both parties on the initial page of the contract, hereinafter "THE CLIENT".

Both parties declare that it is their express will to commit themselves in terms of the contract signed between them, fully recognizing their mutual capacity, without there being any bad faith, fraud, or violence by any of the parties. Any notification regarding its application must be made in writing by the means indicated by the parties in the contract document. The notifications that are made in them will take full effect. The parties agree that this document contains the general terms and conditions to operate the complete and unique agreement between them regarding the object thereof; Accordingly, any other verbal or written agreement that they may have entered into previously, in accordance with the following CLAUSES:

I) OBJECT OF THE CONTRACT: THE AGENCY undertakes to provide its professional services to carry out the project detailed in the body of the contract. The letterheaded and dated document, issued in favor of THE CLIENT, by THE AGENCY hereinafter THE PROJECT, operated under the general terms and conditions signed in this document, with the understanding that these terms and conditions are considered as expressly understood and accepted by THE CLIENT, with the reception, celebration or acceptance of the contract or by any act of deposit of any total, partial payment, or advance in favor of THE AGENCY, even without having received from the client communication or document establishing their acceptance, since these Terms and Conditions have been made available to THE CLIENT, indicated in each of the aforementioned documents for free access.

II) VALUE OF THE CONTRACT: THE CLIENT must pay THE AGENCY, who receives accordingly and as the only consideration for its services the amount(s) established in the contract's heading page. Same(s) that must be covered according to the amounts and deadlines established. The amounts mentioned, unless specifically noted, are detailed in local currency and do not include VAT, or the equivalent in local tax(es). Payments must be made strictly adhering to the payment schedule established in the contract document.

Any payment(s) generated with credit cards or from abroad are subject to additional commissions to the amounts originally agreed in the contract due to the nature and financial mechanisms associated with them. Therefore, if the payment for any contracted service or resource comes from abroad or is made by credit card, an additional 7% administrative charges are applied according to the commission amounts generated by each operation.

In case of requiring financing for any payment, THE CLIENT must formally request it in advance and, an additional amount corresponding to 15% of the monthly value will be applied to the total amount financed for each agreed financing period, which in no case may exceed 90 (ninety ) natural days. With the understanding that the total amount of the contract, plus 100% of any amount owed, must be paid within the first 15 calendar days of the last month or period of contracted operations.

III) EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP: THE AGENCY states that it is an independent legal entity working on its own, with its own personnel, facilities and equipment, therefore it declares that it has no employer-employee relationship with THE CLIENT and/or its associates.

IV) OWNERSHIP: As long as THE CLIENT has complied 100% with all the payment commitments agreed in this contract, THE AGENCY expressly recognizes THE CLIENT as the owner of the rights of THE PROJECT, as well as the affiliates, or third parties that it designates to fix, use and exploit in its broadest sense the versions, adaptations, editions, and any other modification that is made of THE PROJECT, without any limitation, except in the case of those rights that due to their origin or applicable legislation, whether limited, temporary or non-transferable, mentioning without limitation: The rights of licenses, development, talent, creativity, design, writing, image libraries, photography, graphics, music, and video, as well as service licenses, software, plugins or any other that is necessary for the realization of THE PROJECT.

All the campaign pieces or content that make up the commercial body of THE PROJECT are developed and subject to exclusive operational licenses, the dissemination of which is at all times restricted in accordance with the campaign platforms previously agreed upon and contracted by THE CLIENT. Therefore, THE CLIENT may not use or exploit any of the pieces in any other medium or physical or digital platform in addition to those agreed and contracted with THE AGENCY. In the event of needing to extend its license to new media or platforms, THE CLIENT must notify THE AGENCY and cover the corresponding considerations, which will be calculated according to the expansion profile of the project and the licenses involved.

V) COMPLIANCE: Both parties agree to comply with all the obligations set forth in the body of THE PROJECT, the present, the respective laws, as well as what is agreed in any of its annexes, mentioning but not limited to:

Subject to internal standards, best practices, payment and delivery schedules, and work schedules that have been agreed upon and are applicable in accordance with the provisions of the project.

Our work and service hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. CDMX Central Time. Any communication made after hours will be attended to the next business day. National holidays are considered non-business days.

In order to receive payments in an orderly manner, THE AGENCY operates with 2 payment periods per month, so that THE CLIENT can make the monthly payment corresponding to the contracted services.

Al contratar EL CLIENTE podrá a su conveniencia seleccionar  1 de los 2 períodos disponibles para realizar mensualmente sus pagos:

  • 1st period: From the 1st to the 5th business day of the month.
  • 2nd period: From Day 10 to day 15 business of the month.

IMPORTANT: Payments generated outside of these periods are considered untimely and will be subject to a 10% penalty calculated on the total amount of the invoice affected. The penalty will be applied to the billing of the month immediately following the event. 

That the execution of the corresponding services and payments are in accordance with the agreement and the delivery time of the same is carried out in accordance with the calendar of THE PROJECT.

Both parties are exonerated from liability for the breach of any of the obligations under their responsibility, only when such breach is a consequence of force majeure circumstances such as natural disasters, duly proven in the terms established by Mexican legislation. In this case, they may restart by mutual agreement once there is the ability to continue the work that is the object of this contract without prejudice to either party.

VI) SUSPENSION AND TERMINATION: Both parties accept that the failure to deliver or execute in time and form any of the obligations contracted by any of the parties in the contracted services or payments will be cause for termination of the contract. Both parties may temporarily suspend this contract under the legal assumption detailed in the compliance clause.

In the event that any of the parties for any reason other than those referred to in subsection (V), incurs in a unilateral suspension of the contract, it is established that said suspension may in no case exceed a period greater than fifteen calendar days, counted As of the expiration date of the first suspended commitment, at the end of said period, the party that executed the suspension undertakes to comply with the contracted obligations, plus the penalty indicated in the cancellation clause hereof.

En el caso de ausencia de contrato verificado con firma digital o autógrafa, las partes acuerdan que después de 15 días hábiles de haber sido emitido el contrato y enviado al EL CLIENTE para su revisión y firma por parte de LA AGENCIA, dicho Contrato / Propuesta queda automáticamente invalidado. En este caso se podrán reiniciar negociaciones para emitir un nuevo contrato, de común acuerdo, sin perjuicio para ninguna de las partes.

VII) NON-COMPLIANCE OF PAYMENT: In accordance with the schedule agreed in the service contract, the delay or non-compliance of any partial or total payment that exceeds the established payment dates or periods, in addition to causing a temporary suspension of the service(s) contracted, empowers THE AGENCY to resort to the corresponding legal action for damages and non-compliance and may be a direct cause of termination of the contract without prejudice to THE AGENCY.

If the payment default exceeds eight (8) calendar days, counted from the monthly payment deadline established in the contract, including all projects with monthly recurring payment (hereinafter fee or retainer); THE AGENCY is empowered automatically and immediately to exercise a temporary or permanent suspension of the service(s). Including without limitation: Development, Meetings, Reports, Publication, Programming and Operation of Campaigns, Services on SAAS Platforms, Related Subscriptions, Content Development, updates, and Maintenance.

Adicionalmente se genera de manera automática una penalización equivalente al diez por ciento (10%) sobre el valor total del monto adeudado, generando esta penalización interés compuesto hasta la total liquidación de el (los) adeudo(s) correspondiente(s), Por cada período establecido en el que se incurra en el supuesto, conforme a los montos establecidos en el apartado de contraprestaciones del contrato de servicios. El proyecto se reanudará o se entregará según sea el caso, al finiquitar el total del adeudo más la(s) penalización(es) correspondientes. Así mismo se faculta a LA AGENCIA para recurrir a la acción legal correspondiente por daños e incumplimiento y puede ser causa directa de rescisión del contrato sin perjuicio para LA AGENCIA.

VIII) CANCELLATION: In case of arbitrary cancellation of the contract by THE CLIENT after signing the contract, the client will pay 50% (fifty percent) of the total cost of the contract value, plus all those verifiable expenses in which THE AGENCY has incurred as a result of the activities carried out in favor of THE CLIENT, from the start date and up to the cancellation date thereof.

IX) ABANDONO: El abandono de un proyecto por parte de EL CLIENTE se define como la falta de actividades esenciales por parte de EL CLIENTE para el desarrollo de EL PROYECTO, mencionando sin limitar a: Juntas, comunicaciones, firma de contratos, aprobaciones, revisiones y vistos buenos, pagos totales o parciales, abastecimiento de pautas comerciales, entrega de materiales y datos, entre otras. Se considera que el proyecto ha caído en el supuesto de abandono en el caso de que EL CLIENTE abandone EL PROYECTO durante cualquier etapa de su desarrollo por un período superior a Veinte (20) días naturales, dentro de los cuales EL CLIENTE no cumpla con las actividades descritas anteriormente a su cargo y no haya enviado un mínimo de un correo oficial con acuse de recepción, explicando la situación, dirigido al correo electrónico que haya sido definido en el contrato por LA AGENCIA para comunicaciones de carácter oficial, para establecer de común acuerdo nuevas fechas de re establecimiento de las condiciones indispensables para el re inicio de actividades.

A) Once said period has elapsed, if official communication has not been received from THE CLIENT, THE AGENCY has the power to declare the project as abandoned by THE CLIENT. In such virtue, THE PROJECT is considered finished and delivered in its entirety. Therefore, THE CLIENT will not have the right to claim the return or reimbursement of any consideration made up to that moment in favor of THE AGENCY. Likewise, THE AGENCY will not be responsible for the operation, functioning, safeguarding and support of campaigns, pieces, data, documents, content and any other product or service agreed upon, beyond the obligations contracted in accordance with the confidentiality agreement, as well as the termination or provisional or permanent suspension of any subscription or service involved. This does not exempt THE CLIENT from its responsibility for any investment that THE AGENCY has made in its favor during the development of THE PROJECT, in accordance with the guidelines established in clause (VII).

B) SUSPENSION OF ACTIVITIES: THE CLIENT will have the right to request the suspension of activities and subsequent reactivation of his project without penalties, exclusively on one occasion during an annual period. This means that the period of suspension of activities equivalent to a maximum of (60) corresponding calendar days, may in no case be concatenated with subsequent periods, in order to indefinitely expand the temporary suspension of the operations or development calendar. This possibility of suspension of activities applies exclusively to clients who have a service contract with an annual contract period.

C) Una vez transcurrido dicho período de SUSPENSIÓN DE ACTIVIDADES,  EL CLIENTE, Puede reanudar las actividades sin penalizaciones, realizando el pago total de sus adeudos al 100%.  Esto no exime a EL CLIENTE de su responsabilidad sobre cualquier inversión que la LA AGENCIA haya realizado en su favor durante el desarrollo de EL PROYECTO en el periodo, de acuerdo con los lineamientos establecidos en la cláusula (VII).

X) ADDITIONAL ITEMS: Any additional item to those established in THE PROJECT, is cause for modification(s) to the initial budget. THE PROJECT Does not include any service, personnel, technical equipment, license, software, or any other concept that is not specifically listed in its description.

La agencia se reserva el derecho para seleccionar el número y perfil de profesionales que estarán trabajando en cada etapa de EL PROYECTO. LA AGENCIA no está obligada (Salvo que así quede establecido por contrato de manera específica), a brindar mencionando sin limitar a servicios adicionales de: Consultoría, Management, Entrenamiento, Onboarding, Diagnóstico, Forecast, Programación, Evaluación, Operación, Optimización o Desarrollo, que puedan estar relacionados o no con el (los) servicio(s) contratado(s).

THE AGENCY develops in-house, all the turnkey processes and content to launch, optimize and operate online campaigns, among others:

  • Campaign strategy.
  • Copy: Development of commercial texts.
  • Graphics: Development of commercial graphics for campaigns with branding and super-imposed texts.
  • Development of Gifs and commercial videos of stock from 15 to 30 seconds, for  campaigns with branding and texts super-tax.
  • Development and programming of conversion tracking code tags.
  • Programming: Campaigns are programmed by certified professionals.
  • Development and programming of online results report with conversion tracking.
  • Optimization: One of the most important functions of THE AGENCY is the constant management and optimization of online campaigns to achieve maximum performance month after month.

Being a company specialized in Commercial Campaigns; There are services that THE AGENCY does not perform, among others:

  • CRM – Operation – Customer Relationship Management.
  • Web development.
  • Email – Marketing.
  • Product Development / Pricing / Offer.
  • Sales processes.
  • Processes of attention or customer service.
  • Conversation processes with clients through live chat.
  • Call Center.
  • Design office services such as: Flyers, Files for printing, Brochures, stationary, Logos, etc.

XI) BUDGETS, COMMISSIONS AND EXCHANGE: The cost (s) expressed in MXN (Mexican pesos), € EUR (euros) or $ USD (American dollars), will be clearly defined for each case in the Proposal and/or the THE PROJECT contract and do not include local taxes (such as VAT), among others applicable in each region. If applicable, the costs expressed in foreign currency will be transformed into local currency at the bank exchange rate in force on the date on which the corresponding operations are carried out.

Due to the activities carried out by THE AGENCY, the costs contracted in local currency contain significant operational components valued in US dollars (USD), therefore THE CLIENT is aware that THE AGENCY will notify and, exclusively if necessary, make extraordinary adjustments to the budget agreed in local currency, due to variations in the exchange rate of the local currency and adjustments in costs by external providers or inflationary adjustments, understanding that such adjustments will be made limited to the amount necessary to level the corresponding variation.

Additional costs not contemplated and not integrated into the agency's monthly retainer fee are generated and calculated separately, among others in the event of:

Requerir servicios de Setup (Configuración) en plataformas que EL CLIENTE no tenga habilitadas previamente como: Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Looker Studio, YouTube Channel, Zapier, Linkedin Business Manager, Linkedin Ads Manager, Linkedin Pixel, Linkedin Company Page, TikTok Business Manager, TikTok Ads Manager, TikTok Pixel, TikTok Fan Page, Meta Business Manager, Meta Ads Manager, Meta Pixel, Meta API, Instagram Fan Page y Facebook Fan Page.

En caso de requerir contratación de servicios adicionales o complementarios de desarrollo y producción de piezas audiovisuales originales  como:

  • Product Shot Photography.
  • Corporate Photography.
  • Original Commercial Videos.
  • Original Corporate Videos.
  • Original product videos.
  • Infographic videos.
  • Tutorial videos.
  • Video Blog.
  • Voice Artists

XII) DELIVERIES, CHANGES AND REVISIONS: Both parties agree that there will be a maximum number of two revisions prior to the final delivery of any agreed application(s), execution(s), part(s) or deliverable(s). , hereinafter applications. THE AGENCY must deliver the applications to be reviewed in accordance with the agreed calendar and THE CLIENT hereby agrees to review and send its acceptance or changes to be made, in a period not exceeding five business days from the delivery for review. to THE CLIENT.

The delivery(s) may be made preferably through THE AGENCY's project control software, or if so agreed in the contract, by any means agreed between the parties including e-mail, We transfer and Google drive among others, without excluding any other that due to the nature of the project is necessary to complete the review or delivery individually or as a whole.

Both parties expressly agree that once the agreed review period has elapsed, in the absence of any observation addressed in writing to THE AGENCY, all applications submitted for review will be considered as definitively approved and accepted by THE CLIENT, therefore THE CLIENT undertakes not to withhold the corresponding partial or total payments for this concept, in accordance with the agreed schedules.

Content development and delivery time: Commercial Content is Content created specifically for advertising or promotional purposes to drive sales or generate revenue. They are usually directly related to a company's products or services and seek to persuade users to take a specific action, such as buying a product, subscribing to a service, or visiting a website.

THE AGENCY offers a very efficient content development and delivery time, one of the fastest in the industry. But, the development and delivery time varies depending on the format of each content, since THE CLIENT makes the request for content development in THE AGENCY's project control software: 

  • Contenidos Textuales y Gráficos: 4 días hábiles.
  • Contents in Gif or Video stock: 5 working days.
  • Any content that is marked as Urgent for delivery in less than 48hrs. It is considered and is listed separately and is not included in the payment of retainer or fee monthly agency.

IMPORTANT: For the development of any content is essential on the part of THE CUSTOMER with the brief (rational characteristics) clear, complete and approved by 100%.

XIII) MATERIALES, LICENCIAS  Y SOFTWARE: LA AGENCIA conservará los master así como los materiales originales que conforman EL PROYECTO por treinta días naturales contados a partir del vencimiento del contrato, período después del cual LA AGENCIA no será responsable por el resguardo de dichos materiales. Las bases de datos personales a utilizar en campaña son propiedad y responsabilidad de EL CLIENTE.

It is the responsibility of THE CUSTOMER to keep for if, copies of shared files and the original materials that make up THE PROJECT.

In the case of suspension or cancellation of the use of cloud-based software or digital services provided by third parties, THE AGENCY undertakes to make its best efforts to comply with the agreement. However, both parties accept that said services are not the direct responsibility of THE AGENCY, for which reason the latter will not be penalized in any case for any failure in the continuity of any of these services in connection with THE PROJECT.

Likewise, in the case of recurring charges previously agreed and approved by THE CLIENT, for the use of this type of resources, services or licenses, including without limitation: Hosting, Domains, Landing pages, Emails, Mail Sync, Investment in commercial guidelines for online advertising, plugins, templates, reporting software, digital campaigns, Artificial Intelligence, campaign content, digital data connections, photographic or video stock, CRM or CMS systems, among others. THE CLIENT, where appropriate, will be responsible for paying them.


(A) DEFINITION OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: means “Confidential Information” means all information related to the materials control and development-the Agency is sharing with Customers for the development of their projects, regardless of form or medium of transmission (oral, visual, written, electronic, etc.). This information is considered to be the intellectual property of the Agency and is protected by both the laws of intellectual property as per this clause.

(B) PROPRIETARY INFORMATION AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION: Even in the absence of a document previously signed, any information exchanged between the parties is considered the exclusive property of the party where it comes from. All materials and documents of development including but not limited to: Copy, Control and Development of strategy and content, which the Agency shares with the Customers for the development of their projects are recognized as intellectual property and are an integral part of the know-how of the Agency. Therefore, they are protected not only by the intellectual property laws in force but also by this confidentiality clause. Such information may not be shared, replicated, or used under any circumstance outside the scope of collaboration between the parties, unless prior written authorization of the Agency.

(C) PROHIBITION ON USE AND DISCLOSURE: None of the parties, including its affiliates and employees, may use, copy, disclose, or benefit from, directly or indirectly, the Confidential Information of the other party without the express written consent of the same. This obligation continues even after the end of the commercial relationship between the parties.

D) PERIOD OF cover: The parties undertake to maintain the confidentiality of the Confidential Information, for a minimum period of five (5) years from the date on which it was shared, even if the relationship between the parties conclude before this period.

D) RESPONSIBILITIES: In the event of breach of this clause, the breaching party shall be responsible for the damages caused and will be subject to the relevant legal actions.

XV) DEFINITIONS: Our services are defined according to the general conditions established for each project in which technical terms included in the following definitions are involved:

Pieces and Contents: It is defined as any piece developed by the company in favor of the client, in any format, mentioning without limitation: Pdf, Graphics, Physical or digital documents, Video, Gif, Copy, Ads, Mail, Flyer, Banner, Templates , Rationale, Studies, Writings, Conclusions, Recommendations and Strategies, among others.

Recursos, servicios o licencias: Se refiere a servicios físicos o digitales mediante los cuales se realizan labores indispensables relacionadas con el desarrollo de EL PROYECTO, incluyendo sin limitar a: Scouting, entrevistas, mystery shoppers, focus groups, Scouting online, Plugins, SASS, Inteligencia Artificial, Software de investigación y reportes, Control de proyectos, Campañas digitales, Contenidos de campaña, Conexiones digitales de datos, SEO, Keywords, Minería de datos, Stock fotográfico o de video, Plugins, sistemas CRM ó CMS, Hosting, Dominios, Landing pages, entre otros.

Channels and Platforms: A channel or platform is a physical or digital resource or medium, through which the contents are presented to the public, mentioning without limitation: Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Mailing, Banners, Spectacular, Flyers, Movie trailers and teasers, billboard ads, Newspapers, Printed, Magazines, Radio, and TV among others.

Retainer, Fee, Payment: Refers to the amounts or amounts that THE AGENCY accrues as consideration for its services.

The campaigns of shopping online or digital campaigns: these Are paid ads that appear on search engines, social networks, applications, and various web-sites. What makes this the most effective method to attract traffic highly relevant and get sales results in a consistent and scalable.

The work of the AGENCY consists exclusively on developing strategies and ads potent that generate consistently traffic to qualified customers the site of THE CLIENT in line. but only THE CLIENT controls the quality and conditions of offer for their products or services, for this reason, you must make sure that your product or service is a winner and is viable to compete and sell online, before you start any effort of digital campaign. Therefore, THE AGENCY is not responsible for the quality of the offerings, or of the product of THE CUSTOMER and their sales.

The success of campaigns can be measured by hard data such as reach, impressions, click-throughs in the field, qualified traffic to the web site, conversions, and return on investment (ROAS) and the growth of the customer base.

A los datos duros de rendimiento se les conoce como KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) y se refieren a datos relevantes que nos inician si se están obteniendo los resultados esperados en las campañas. Los Key Performance Indicators o KPis, son fijados de común acuerdo entre el cliente y la empresa por escrito ya sea en el mismo contrato, o posteriormente a la contratación, pero necesariamente antes del inicio de cualquier actividad, campaña, o servicio contratado.

At the end of each operating period, the kpi results achieved are reviewed together to make the necessary strategic adjustments.

We mentioned some examples of KPIs without limit to:

  • Lead: Leads or potential customers (also referred to as MQL or Marketing Qualified Leads) are defined as a person whose essential data has been obtained to establish a marketing and sales process, mentioning without limitation: Name, telephone, e- mail, comments, demographic data, etc.
  • Alcance/Impresiones: (Cuantas personas vieron el anuncio en línea).
  • CTR – Tasa de clicks: Mide la cantidad de clicks que realizan los consumidores en los anuncios sobre la cantidad de impresiones. 
  • CPC Costo por click estimado.
  • CRE Taza de conversión estimada: El número de conversiones esperadas en el sitio web una vez que una persona realiza una visita al mismo proveniente de una campaña en línea.
  • CPA/ CAC Costo de adquisición estimado por cada conversión.
  • Ticket Promedio: Es el promedio de gasto realizado por un cliente en una única transacción o compra. También se le conoce como “ticket medio” o “valor promedio de la venta”.
  • ROAS Retorno a la Inversión Publicitaria es una métrica que se utiliza en marketing para conocer la efectividad de una campaña. Por ejemplo, si en una campaña de se han invertido $1,500  en un mes y se han obtenido unos ingresos de $5,000, el resultado sería: 5000 / 1500 = 3,33 ó X3.3 Esto quiere decir que por cada dolar invertido se han obtenido más de tres de regreso.
  • Número mensual de Conversiones: (Clientes que realizaron una acción de conversión definida en contrato).
  • Número mensual de Leads: (Clientes potenciales que realizaron una acción de conversión como una llamada, o llenaron un formulario de contacto).
  • Número mensual de clicks en campaña.
  • Número mensual de interacciones con contenidos como: videos, ads, landing pages.
  • Número de correos de contacto generadas por campaña.
  • Número de llamadas de contacto generadas por campaña.

En el caso del KPI de conversiones de compra (Purchase) en eCommerce o conversiones de ventas de cualquier tipo, queda establecido para el cumplimiento del forecast (previsión de rendimiento) de esta métrica, que el cliente es responsable por las vetas de sus propios productos  ya que LA AGENCIA no tiene injerencia en su proceso de ventas, la calidad, pecios, o condiciones de venta de sus productos o servicios.

En general se considera que para el correcto rendimiento y retorno de inversión de campaña es indispensable que el cliente sostenga un índice mínimo de conversión equivalente al 2%. Entendiendo que dicho índice no es responsabilidad de LA AGENCIA, que ha sido contratada exclusivamente para generar tráfico de clientes potenciales calificados a través de campañas comerciales.

Limiting the number of campaigns in line:

When you hire the service of an agency, THE CLIENT obtains a fixed cost management agency (Agency Fee – Retainer), for each platform hired. It is important to bear in mind that the number of campaigns that THE AGENCY can develop for each platform that it has(n) contract, is(n) limited(s) by several key factors:

  • Pauta Comercial: la capacidad de la pauta crea un límite natural al número de campañas a programar y publicar, ya que cada campaña requiere un presupuesto mínimo específico para ser funcional y generar resultados. Resulta totalmente contraproducente pulverizar el presupuesto en una serie de diversas campañas, que por lo tanto tendrán un alcance reducido, y serán incapaces de generar resultados.
  • Estrategia: De acuerdo con los objetivos a lograr, LA AGENCIA desarrolla la(s) estrategia(s) y la(s) estructura(s) de campaña(s) específica(s) para cada plataforma, que puede(n) estar compuesta(s) por una ó múltiples campañas, con distintas funciones y formatos para producir los resultados deseados.
  • Plataforma: El desarrollo, programación y lanzamiento de las campañas están limitadas a las plataformas que EL CLIENTE tiene contratadas.
  • Development and Launch: of Our development process and the launch will take a minimum of 8 days to schedule and publish each online campaign.
  • Escala: Con el tiempo y al conseguir cada vez más ventas, normalmente es necesario ajustar las campañas y estrategias. A este crecimiento que se conoce como ESCALA. Ya que lógicamente al escalar la cuenta, estaremos operando una estructura mucho más amplia y compleja, con mayor número de contenidos y campañas, y es necesario realizar en concordancia y de común acuerdo entre las partes una actualización al los montos de pautas comerciales autorizadas, así como al monto del retainer de operación de LA AGENCIA.

XVI) KICKOUT: THE CLIENT can exercise the exit guarantee or KickOut to terminate the contract with THE AGENCY without any penalty under the following assumptions:

(A) That has elapsed at least a 4-month period of the campaign in a row, to have a benchmark of reliable results that allow both parties to determine if the results are acceptable or unacceptable, and in general if the customer's product is viable in line.

B) THE CLIENT and THE AGENCY will carry out a review of the results obtained, to determine if THE AGENCY has fully complied with the services expressed in the contract and the Key Performance Indicators agreed between the parties, in accordance with the guidelines established in the contract, to establish if it is applicable to dissolve the contract through the KickOut mechanism.

C) Siempre y cuando no existan adeudos y obligaciones entre las partes y/o terceros, mencionando sin limitar a: servicios, licencias o uso de software SAAS y suscripciones de hosting, crm, plugins, plataformas de marketing, retainers, pauta comercial, y contratos entre otros, ejercidos por LA AGENCIA en favor de EL CLIENTE.

D) Ante una reclamación para ejercer la cláusula de KickOut La demostración de cumplimiento o incumplimiento de estas condiciones deberá venir necesariamente de una fuente imparcial y confiable de información con datos actualizados que provengan directamente de plataformas digitales como: Google, Youtube, Facebook, y/o Empresas dedicadas a minería de datos y reportes, que puedan producir datos verificables por ambas partes.

En el caso de existir más de un indicador Kpi en el clausulado, para ejercer la opción de KickOut, el cliente deberá demostrar que se incumplieron una clara mayoría de los conceptos Kpi. Por ejemplo, la cláusula aplica si se demuestra que se incumplieron 2 de 3  kpis,  3 de 5 Kpis (y así sucesivamente). En el caso de tener Kpis en números pares, bastará con el cumplimiento de 1 de 2 ó 2 de 4 Kpis (y así sucesivamente), para considerar que la empresa ha cumplido con los objetivos suficientes por lo tanto bajo este supuesto EL CLIENTE no podrá bajo este supuesto aplicar KickOut.

XVII) INVALIDACIÓN DE CONTRATO:  Serán causantes de invalidación inmediata de Contrato, Si durante el período contratado EL CLIENTE por su parte altera de cualquier forma o manera las condiciones pactadas de campaña, ya sea descontinuando los pagos de retainer o pauta en cualquier plataforma o canal, o alterando de cualquier forma el estatus o la programación de la estrategia y/o las campañas desarrolladas en línea. Al pausar o cambiar las campañas o cualquiera de sus parámetros, así como realizando cualquier cambio programación o ajuste, alterando la programación o estrategia de campaña trazada por LA AGENCIA.

Bajo cualquiera de estos supuestos, EL CLIENTE tendrá la obligación de cubrir el retainer completo pactado por los períodos correspondientes, de acuerdo a lo establecido en el contrato de servicios. Así mismo LA AGENCIA queda legítimamente facultada de manera inmediata para: Desactivar, cancelar o invalidar, cualquier aplicación, ejecución, contenido o programación ejecutada en favor de EL CLIENTE. En el caso de existir deposito en garantía por parte de EL CLIENTE bajo las condiciones previamente expuestas, dicho deposito no será objeto de devolución.

(XVIII) term: The TERM of this contract will be according to the (the) period(s) set(s) on the services page of the contract, starting from the date of signing of the document. At the conclusion of this (these) period(s), and having both parties formally complied with the agreement, the agreement is considered as a formally completed and finished. Due to the complexity in the extension of platforms, licenses, staff, and resources required for continuous operation, THE CLIENT is required to give formal notice to THE AGENCY at least 60 days prior to the date corresponding to the end of the period established in the contract, making clear their decision to contract renewal, or final closure activities, taking into account the dates of the beginning and close of business set out in the contract. Not complying with this notice, THE CUSTOMER agrees to cover an additional period of 45 days under the same conditions, THE AGENCY is required to perform the closing of activities and delivery of the account in accordance with the guidelines of best practices AMAP AMPICI. 

Both parties subscribe to the content of the clauses expressed in this document and state that they are aware of its content, meaning, and legal scope, there being no defect that prevents its celebration and compliance, leaving this published copy available to the parties.

For everything related to the interpretation, arbitration, compliance and termination of the contract, the parties voluntarily submit to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Mexico City, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them for any reason and accept that this document can be executed and signed electronically, acquiring these communications, documents and their digital signatures, acceptances or rejections, the official character, with all the legal weight provided by an original document signed with a handwritten signature.

For any questions regarding the present, contact:

Silvia López Terán | | 5511070790

Montecito 38, 28th floor, Suite 12, Nápoles, 03810, CDMX.

Tratamiento de datos y privacidad disponibles en

THE AGENCY reserves the right to change or make adjustments to these terms at any time, understanding that these changes will not affect the conditions of any contract in force prior to such adjustments or changes. We will publish any changes on our website. Users/clients are responsible for periodically reviewing to stay informed of any updates.

Last Revised: June 22 2023

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