Did you know that video marketing raises your sales up to 85%?

showing shopping on a video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a product video it may well be worth thousands of sales. Here's why: In a recent study by Eyeview, video ads resulted in 100% more favorable brand perception, along with a 73% greater chance to recommend the brand, and a 37% increase in probability that the customer will visit the store again.

Communicate your brand voice with authenticity and sincerity. The video appears in 70% of the top 100 search results, and its viewers have between 64 and 85% more likely to buy after seeing your product on video. This is a marketing force that you cannot afford to ignore.

Perfecting the art of producing videos for your brand goes beyond pressing record. The best videos tell stories, embody your brand voice, engage your customers, and create a unified perception of your brand. All this in just minutes.

What if instead of thinking about high-frequency campaigns focused only on our products, where we try to persuade the potential customer to “Buy Now”, we focus on creating valuable and relevant experiences for audiences that really want to engage with your brand.

How about we focus on how paid advertising can spread and support our key message, bringing potential customers to our home turf with a marketing strategy? original content.

Do you need video marketing content to grow your brand? If you are interested in these topics, take a tour of our website to learn more about our services - schedule a call here and start your next campaign with us.

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