Why is marketing your product more important than your own product?


The one that wins is not always the best product, but the best known product.

Although your product is fundamental to success, a brand that has a digital marketing deficient in our era of social credibility and brand recognition can make your product, however “good” it may be, end up being totally irrelevant.

If you have a business, your initial action is to develop or find a great product, then make sure it works and finally build a website and develop fan pages or social channels, Right?… WELL NO!

Only the first step is correct, but everything that happens after that is why most e-commerce businesses fail. We focus more on the development of the perfect product, but we do not concentrate on the vision and development of our brand branding.

Selling a vision is just as important as selling the product itself. Consumers want to be part of a recognized community within their popular culture on social networks.
One of the best ways to incorporate a vision into your brand is with the development of personalized and relatable content with storytelling.

Social credibility today is everything. People do business with brands they trust, and building a social media community with a distinct message and story is vital to building that trust in your brand.

Many brands fail because they internally generate an informal marketing plan that does not have an explicit focus, blindly trusting the quality of their product, without taking into account the evolution of electronic commerce. The main challenge in producing an effective advertising strategy is finding the right content channels and consistently developing optimized content to engage the audience.

Do you need an agency to help you generate your marketing strategy and the storytelling of your brand? 

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